Sea Punk Funk

En personlig favorit sedan några månader tillbaka, Isaiah Toothtaker, jobbar hårdare än någon annan och hans mamma. Sedan mitten av maj har han nu släppt tre mixtapes, korta men koncisa, med en självsäker säregen stil. Samtliga mixtapes kan laddas ner från EY SHUNO: TOOTHY WAVY med Max B och Hood Internet, Rob Zombie med Rapewolf och Harry Fraud och Sea Punk Funk, i sin helhet producerad av Sixtoo aka. Prison Garde. Heja heja!
Their reputations proceed them. Isaiah Toothtaker: head rapper of the Machina Muerte crew, convicted multiple felon who’s earned his telling surname many times over, and tattoo baron of Tucson, Arizona— arguably America’s last standing Wild West. And Prison Garde: once known as Sixtoo, who turned the hip-hop underground on its head with Sebutones, plus solo records for Anticon and Ninja Tune, before leaving his old moniker behind for a life lived in the shadows of Halifax, Nova Scotia—a city that is, in fact, no longer a city. These two outlaw types otherwise separated by 3400 miles of dry land have come together to create Sea Punk Funk, your new favorite mixtape and a bizarrely summery collision of G- funk notions, electro boogie dreams, chillwave echoes and semi-melodic raps about upping the crime rate and (bummer) getting bloodstains on one’s nice clothes. Imagine a land where the Warriors gangs are recast as neon-dripped Lisa Frank animals locked in an Apache Line break-battle to the death. Where Devin the Dude and Twin Shadow growl menacingly, facing the pointy ends of each other’s switch blade. Where the tensely rattling guitar line on “Labyrinth” and the Puff Daddy shout-out on the Western Tink- featuring “We Can’t Miss,” make perfect sense alongside the top-down So Cal funk of “L.A. Nights” (with Murs) and the rolling Castlevania crunk of closer “Cardboard Coffin.” Imagine, yes, and listen. But absorb with care.

This isn’t your reality.
This is Isaiah Toothtaker and Sixtoo.
This is Sea Punk Funk.
”You can’t stay here, you’ll be consumed.”
Saxat från Machina Muerte. Free Max B.


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